My Turn: Murkowski makes the most sense

Posted: Sunday, October 31, 2010

First and foremost, I hope if you have the ability next Tuesday, you vote. I am embarrassed I ever acted like missing a vote was no biggie. It is. And the fact it is so easy to do (Really? You don't have ten minutes to spare in your life to cast a ballot? Really? Too busy catching up on the DVR? Too many texts to send to pals? Really?) makes it even sillier if you neglect to vote Tuesday. Nike's new slogan (Boom!) does not quite work, but their old one certainly applies: Just do it.

I have a 'D' next to my name in the voter registry. I voted for President Barack Obama and have to fight my gag reflex when I accidentally hear the vocal spewing of Rush Limbaugh and his ilk. Full disclosure. Naturally, then, the advice I get from folks of my ilk is to vote for Scott McAdams. Normally I would fall in step. This is not a normal situation.

McAdams is not winning. The New York Times' Nate Silver (a guy much better with numbers than you or me) has his odds of victory at about 4 percent. Only Lloyd Christmas would feel good about betting on that. It doesn't matter if it's fair or not. The endorsements have been fewer for him, the support from Democrats in the Lower 48 has been lukewarm, and even just going from pictures of his campaign events... he just does not have the numbers that either Lisa Murkowski or Joe Miller do.

I actually do like McAdams. I have enjoyed listening to him over the past several weeks when I have had the opportunity. He seems like a good person, and the reference to Sen. Ted Stevens with the Hulk tie on the television ad was clever. That all pales in comparison to how afraid I am of the idea of Miller being Alaska's next U.S. Senator.

His demeanor is arrogant. His words are hypocritical (when he is allowing questions to actually be asked of him, you know, without having private security guards handcuff bloggers). He is extreme for an extremist. And if McAdams is not an option - the math says he is not - then voting for him is the same as voting for Joe the Extremist.

Look, if we can all agree Stevens was the kind of senator Alaska needs, and clearly even McAdams buys that notion, there is only one candidate Stevens personally endorsed: Lisa Murkowski.

So, yes, I hope you can find the time in your busy lives to vote on Tuesday. And if we can get that far, why not prove to the world that Alaskans are intelligent enough to take the extra steps of filling in an oval and writing two words? Instead of a 10-minute commitment, filling in the write-in oval and writing in her name bumps it up to a 10 minute, 30 second commitment. I think we can handle the extra burden.

I would much rather have us deal with that burden than the long-term one of having Miller as our U.S. Senator.

• Carson was born and raised in Juneau. He contributes columns to the Empire's L'attitude publication and the Arts and Culture section.

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