Prop 4 hurts schools


Posted: Wednesday, November 01, 2000

Recently, the newly-elected Juneau Assembly met to discuss our priorities for the coming year. Several members emphasized the need to build the new high school and more public recreational facilities for Juneau families, like the ice rink and valley pool. Sadly, we may lose the ability to pay for these needed projects if the statewide tax cap passes on Nov. 7. Not only will we lose our ability to fund new projects, we will also have to cut back on existing services provided by the city.

It's not fair for the rest of the state to tell Juneau how we fund city government. If we decide as a community that we want a new high school or a swimming pool in the valley, we must be allowed to decide how we want to pay for these projects. If people in Anchorage want a tax cap, then they should pass a local initiative like we did in Juneau a few years ago. If they're not going to pay for our projects, then they shouldn't tell us how to fund them.

Juneau ought to send a message to Anchorage and the rest of the state and vote 100 percent NO on Proposition 4. A NO vote on the tax cap is a vote for education, public recreation facilities, and local control.

Marc Wheeler

Juneau Assembly

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