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Posted: Wednesday, November 01, 2000

Word of Mouth gives readers a forum to express opinions on a variety of issues by telephone. Calls must be limited to one minute and we reserve the right to edit calls for clarity, length and libel. The number to call in 586-4636. Then press 8255 to leave your message.

Last night I had so many trick-or-treaters I actually ran out of candy. I asked the next three little boys if I could go trick-or-treating with them and get some more candy because I had run out. They each dug into their bags and pulled out a handful of candy and put it in my bowl. I want to thank those three young men.

I came home today to find my daughter crying, my wife upset and a 135-pound pumpkin that we've been saving on our porch the last two weeks had been stolen. I'm offering $100 for each individual who is responsible who is arrested for taking my pumpkin. I figure it takes two people to carry and it's way too big to put on a bicycle so someone got it and used a car. My name is Chip Morris and my phone number is 790-2406.

Regarding anglers exceeding treaty limits, Fish and Game should take note. Even with all the restrictions put on sport fishermen the limit still was exceeded. The right thing to do is make charter fishermen's catch count against the commercial quota. After all, a skipper who received money for catching king salmon can't possibly be sport fishing. He is running a commercial operation.

Goldbelt shareholders may pick up the audit book from the audit committee in the State Office Building on the sixth floor and read about what your corporation is doing.

I work in the education field. In the recent debate about marijuana I'd like to say when I was a university student I pulled almost straight A's. The only C I received was due to the fact I wrote the term paper when I was straight. Should other people smoke marijuana? I don't know. That's a matter of choice. But let's stop the witch hunt. Let's vote for legalization.

I know lots of responsible pot smokers, including myself. I've had a job for the last 10 years.

Marijuana is skillful at disguising itself and its effects as your friend. After you are depressed and alone, it goes in for the kill. As a counselor I have witnessed this on too many occasions.

The worst noise pollution in this town is the gunfire going off at dawn every day for months in front of our house, scaring our children and pets. Please shoot yours guns outside the city limits or away from our homes and let us sleep till 6.

When someone is driving 60 mph like I was this morning on Egan coming in from the valley, tailgating and flashing your lights is not going to cause me to pull over to make way for you, and, tailgating and flashing your lights is very dangerous and not effective.

As a first-time visitor to the Lemon Creek Correctional Facility, I'm sorry if we are not mind readers. You need to explain the visitor's procedures to us and not snap at us. We are visitors, not inmates. Thank you.

Regarding Ballot Measure No. 6 what does a no vote mean and what does a yes vote mean?

According to the state of Alaska Official Election Pamphlet, a yes vote rejects the law allowing anyone with a hunting or trapping license to land an airplane and shoot wolves on the same day the license-holder flies. A no vote approves the law that allows the same-day, land-and-shoot practice. - Editor

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