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Posted: Thursday, November 01, 2001

It's time for some good news! For the past two years most of the media focus has been on the High School Qualifying Exam as the measure of success for Alaska's schools. Although Juneau's scores are higher than most, we will not be satisfied until all of our students are meeting the academic standards we have adopted.

That said, there are some good things to report. A recent publication of the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory compared Scholastic Achievement Test (SAT) results for the states with 45 to 55 percent of graduating seniors taking the exam. I was interested in the comparisons and decided to add Juneau's scores to the 2000 comparison.

On the verbal test, the U.S. average was 505, the Alaska average was 519, and the Juneau average was 540. On the math test, the U.S. average was 514, the Alaska average was 515, and the Juneau average was 541.

There are a number of interesting comparisons. One is that Juneau's scores are significantly higher than state and national averages. Credit must be given to the students who earn the scores and the teachers who teach them.

It is the desire of all educators to "leave no child behind." We will continue to keep the pressure on ourselves to strive for that goal. I just thought it was time for some good news.

Gary M. Bader,


Juneau School District

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