Ulmer for governor

Posted: Friday, November 01, 2002

Fran Ulmer is the big cheese from Wisconsin! Voting for Fran Ulmer as governor would be improving children's education, protecting the permanent fund, building our new prosperity, and defending our independence.

Fran would reduce class sizes in schools, and try to get more quality teachers. She'd also work on increasing the opportunities of getting into college. Doing this would allow children to build a career in Alaska. Frank Murkowski doesn't care about decreasing class sizes or increasing college opportunities. Frank cares more about the economy than the children.

If Frank Murkowski were elected we'd be stripped of the permanent fund. It would get used up to pay for the budget deficit in government. Permanent funds help people in many ways every year. Would you rather not be able to use it by electing Murkowski? It's up to you.

If you applied for a job you'd want a fair wage, right? Well Fran plans on getting Alaskan workers fair pay. She'd also insist on worker safety laws.

She supports drilling ANWR and promotes new technology to help Alaska prosper. Frank Murkowski wouldn't do anything about the wages of Alaska's workers, so how does he expect anybody to prosper in Alaska if we didn't have dividends or fair wages to depend on?

Fran opposes gun-restricting laws and believes in women's right to choose.

I don't know about you, but wouldn't you want greater chances of the children to succeed? Don't you want to keep your permanent fund dividend and the fair wages? The election of Fran Ulmer promises all of these. Elect Fran Ulmer for governor!

Israel Katzeek

DZMS 7th grade

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