Responsible leadership

Posted: Friday, November 01, 2002

Whoever your choices are in this next election, we all need to vote on Nov. 5. The best way to pay tribute to those victims of Sept. 11 and show your patriotism is to exercise your right to vote. Anyone can put a flag on his or her deck or vehicle, a real American will vote - but who will be your choice for governor?

Like our "Uncle Ted," my grandmother gave me a few words of wisdom. Grandma said, "Get all the information you can before making a tough decision. More information will only help make an informed decision." Whenever I have important issues facing me I refer to my Grandma's advice and she's never let me down. Casting my vote for our next governor is just such a decision.

After going to I found more than I cared to about Frank Murkowski. I've had the opportunity to listen to Frank and Fran present their plans for our future and then after watching the debates on TV, I realized Fran Ulmer is the only choice as governor. Putting the pros and cons of both candidates down on paper, I found Fran Ulmer has the best plan for Alaskans. Like a majority of Alaskans, I work for a living and depend on an hourly wage to support my family. With Frank's lack of support for people like me, there is no alternative. I remember the '80s very well and perhaps we should remind Frank Murkowski and his supporters that betting on high oil and timber revenues to support growth in our state was a mistake then and is a bad idea now.

We need responsible growth with a realistic approach to balancing the budget. We need to invest in our schools and universities in order to keep our children here in Alaska, building roads to nowhere with phantom funding will not. I am confident that if you listen to my grandmother's words of wisdom you will come to the same conclusion as I did. Fran has the "Plan." Please join me in casting your ballot in support of responsible leadership, vote Fran Ulmer-Ernie Hall.

Darryl Tseu


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