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Posted: Friday, November 01, 2002

I'm tired of hearing how one person thinks he/she knows what's best for a community. I realize that this is what our system is currently based on, but it defeats the whole idea of community doesn't it? Politicians are elected based on how well their ideas about community issues align with the ideas of the majority of voters, that is, voters who actually vote.

Unfortunately, election often conveys to the winner the idea that whatever they think is obviously what's best for the community. I hope the winners in Tuesday's election will look at it differently. I hope they take into account the folks who vote for the other side and the people who don't go to the polls because they're frustrated with the system. I hope they remember that one individual cannot know what's best for a community. Once given the power to make decisions for the whole, I hope they take that responsibility seriously enough to not base decisions on greed for money and power, but on what is best for the community - whether village, city, state or nation.

As for voting, because our current system is based on how much money a candidate has to market her/himself it is critical that we all get informed and get out there and vote! Don't just accept someone else's idea of what is good for you. Decide for yourself who you want to represent you and give them your vote. I plan to vote for those candidates who have shown that they know how to listen to people, compromise, and get results for the good of community, not for money or power.

Election winners: Listen to everyone, not just to those who vote for you. You represent the whole, not just part of it and we all depend on you.

Cheryl Cook


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