Rainy day sunshine

Posted: Friday, November 01, 2002

Back in my day I had to walk to school a mile and a half through snow up to my knees, uphill both ways, work after school to help support the family, do my schoolwork by lamplight ... you know the drill. In those days politicians were all upright, honest, serious and above reproach.

It was a noble calling, respected and even envied. A boy could dream of becoming president of the United States of America, even! Backed, of course, by proud parents, faithful wife, and the right political party. We all know about the slippery slide downhill to the present day. Politics is a dirty word.

"To hell with politicians; they are all self-serving no-goodniks, so why vote?"

"They are rotten to the core; there's no difference between the parties, so why vote?"

"You can't afford to run unless you are a millionaire (upgrade for inflation to billionaire), so why bother?"

"Good people can't afford to run so what's the use?"

So it goes: a few rays of sunshine, heaps of deep despair and tons of apathy.

Today in Juneau we have a chance for sunshine on a rainy day. Ulmer, Elton, Kerttula, Grussendorf - look carefully. Each one of these candidates is above reproach. Honest, upright, dedicated to service, above self, fair-minded, respectable, intelligent, hard-working. No hidden agendas, no hidden obligations.

Hey! Old-fashioned epithets rise again! Get out and vote! Now even a girl can dream of becoming governor!

Jean Rogers


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