More than a protest vote

Posted: Friday, November 01, 2002

I have lived in Alaska 22 years. I vote for the candidate that will best serve Juneau's interests and needs.

There have been lots of letters expounding on the virtues of Cathy Muñoz and Kim Elton. I have chosen to support Cathy because I know that she is the best candidate for Juneau. These are the facts: There are 20 Senators, 14 of which are in the majority, six in the minority. The majority members control the Legislature. I would like our lone Senate vote to be a member of the decision-making majority team. Sen. Elton's minority vote is basically a protest vote which does not serve the needs of Juneau or Southeast Alaska. Sen. Elton's platform on environmental and social issues is in direct opposition to that of the majority which further distances Juneau's needs and any chance of support of the majority members. Juneau needs a senator to be proactive as a member of the majority. The only candidate that can fill this need is Cathy Muñoz.

Jerry Grundmann


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