'Pax' the ammo

Posted: Friday, November 01, 2002

In response to Cliff Greene's letter, I would like to say that if the new guard is going to throw down his gun and naively believe that everyone else in the world is going to do the same, then I would rather reach into that powerful purse and brew a strong cup of coffee for the old guard. Nuclear weapons are frightful. Nobody likes what a bullet will do to a person either, but this "Pax Americana" that Mr. Greene refers to has kept Americans living in the lifestyle of liberties that we have so become accustomed to.

Unfortunately these hard-won liberties have required the use of force as well as the threat to do so to discourage invasion by any axis of power which may threaten these liberties. I think Mr. Greene's new guard is liable to get us killed, or at least enslaved. Praise the Lord and "Pax" the ammo!

Kirk Ziegenfuss


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