No legislative session move

Posted: Friday, November 01, 2002

Moving the Legislature from Juneau might seem like a good idea to some Alaskans at first glance, but people need to take a longer look. People in favor of Proposition 2 argue that we'd get better government if the Legislature was closer to most Alaskans. While moving the Legislature might allow more day to day contact with lawmakers, would it really improve government? Who we elect is what makes a good government and even in local government the majority of people don't participate in government meetings.

Are people willing to sacrifice the well being of their fellow Alaskans? A study by the McDowell Group concluded that Juneau would lose 379 jobs and $10.2 million in payroll if the Legislature moved. And if the rest of the capital followed, losses to Southeast citizens would multiply.

The most important reason Alaskans need to vote "no" on Proposition 2 is that it takes away their right to vote on the cost of a legislative or capital move. With the economy of Alaska being what it is, do we really want to give up our right to know how much we would have to pay to move the Legislature? I don't think so. And if most Alaskans think about it, I don't think they will either. I hope every Alaskan will seriously consider this issue and vote no on Proposition 2.

Sarah Christianson

DZMS 8th grade

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