Juneau will do well

Posted: Friday, November 01, 2002


Valdez Fisheries Development Association would like to strongly recommend to the voters of Juneau Mr. Bruce Weyhrauch for the House Seat recently held by Rep. Bill Hudson. We have been associated with Bruce Weyhrauch since 1988 where he has represented Valdez Fisheries on many different issues. Bruce has been a tireless advocate for the non-profit hatchery industry, and the commercial fishing industry. He has represented the hatchery system and commercial fisherman before the Legislature on many issues including limited entry, new fisheries development statewide hatchery organization, vessel regulations and much more. Through these efforts, Mr. Weyhrauch has developed a very good understanding and excellent knowledge about getting things done in the Legislature; he is a valuable asset to the city of Juneau and will be very effective in representing your community in the Legislature. If Bruce Weyhrauch's service to the Valdez Fisheries Development Association is any example, then Juneau will be doing well to have him in the legislative majority.

Dave C. Cobb


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