Ballot Measure 1

Posted: Friday, November 01, 2002

Why should we change something that is great? We shouldn't but that is what Ballot Measure 1 proposes. Ballot Measure 1 asks whether we should have another convention to change Alaska's Constitution. Right now out constitution states that every 10 years we have to vote on whether or not to hold a constitutional convention.

The bad thing about a convention is that it is like giving the politicians a blank check. It will give them the power to do anything they want. They would all incorporate their special interests. This is our constitution we are messing with so we must be careful. An easier, less dangerous way than having a convention is be making amendments through the legislative process one step at a time. Specific change can be made by a two-thirds vote from each house. This may seem slower bit it is a lot better that a convention.

Our constitution is considered a model constitution. California's constitution fits on a bookshelf, while ours is like a pamphlet. By voting yes on 1, we will be giving politicians and other the power to do whatever they want to do to our great constitution, giving us no say.

Please for the sake of Alaska, vote no on Ballot Measure 1.

Zach Owens

DZMS 8th grade

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