Yes on Prop B

Posted: Friday, November 01, 2002

Do you like it when you're driving and you keep hitting potholes in the road, or when you're at the boat harbor, and you're walking on a flimsy dock? These hazards could even be fatal if they are not fixed. If you would like these problems to be fixed, then vote "yes" on Proposition B to fix roads and boat harbors throughout Alaska.

Proposition B would help all Alaskans because it proposes to fix roads and harbors in small and large communities all over the state. You might think it will cost too much money, but we, the state, would pay back a loan over time, and would get the work done immediately. If you don't think we need these roads and harbors to be fixed, then go to the harbors here in Juneau and see for yourself.

Alaska needs these repairs done to help our economy now and in the future. So on Tuesday, Nov. 5, I am asking you to vote "yes" on Bond Proposition B.

Ryan Beason

DZMS 8th grade

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