Service above and beyond

Posted: Friday, November 01, 2002

It is beyond my comprehension that it would be to our favor that our state senator sign on with a Railbelt majority bent on Juneau's destruction.

Certainly, Democrats have always been welcome to join the majority coalition so long as they agreed to toe the line. Therefore, this majority-minority issue is less about Republicans versus Democrats than it is about capital-move/budget-whacking agendas versus legislative responsibility. The majority coalition was in firm control this last session, and passed almost no legislation.

One thing is certain, the majority coalition is playing hardball, and Juneau had better have a senator who is tough and experienced enough to protect our interests. We do not need to unwittingly assist the majority coalition in packing up the government for the move to Wasilla.

I have known Kim Elton for over 30 years. He is an individual of the highest integrity and honesty. He has displayed consistent courage of conviction. He has served this nation, Alaska, and Juneau above and beyond the call of duty. Alaska's Legislature needs more people like Kim Elton, not fewer. A vote for Kim Elton is an affirmation that our governmental process can and should be better.

Andrew Grossman


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