People, not party

Posted: Friday, November 01, 2002

At the start of the campaign season, as a legislative staffer, I made a personal decision to avoid letters to the editor. I even resisted commenting when one letter writer suggested that "Fran Ulmer is an accurate reflection of our community." However, when a Juneau resident chooses to personally attack out-of-town legislators to justify her vote in our local Senate race, I feel compelled to reply.

Perhaps Kim Metcalfe should follow her own advice. How many of the legislators she labeled "right-wing extremists" has she taken the time to talk to and discuss their views. I have worked for Rep. Scott Ogan for four years and during that time I do not believe Ms. Metcalfe has been a guest in our office. My guess is that most of the other legislators have not had the pleasure either. This appears to be a case of politics equals personality. If this is an example of Democratic political principles, count me proudly under the "Undeclared" category and I will be voting for Frank Murkowski, Cathy Muñoz and Bruce Weyhrauch - not because of party principles but because I feel they will do the best job for Juneau and the rest of Alaska.

Linda Hay


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