A good, clean fight

Posted: Friday, November 01, 2002

It's a strange thing I've experienced this past month, learning more about state politics and campaigning. I've absolutely have not gotten disillusioned, my naiveté has not been exposed if I've had any, and I've not turned pessimistic toward public service. And Fran Ulmer has become more likable. As the heat of the governor's race turns on, she's as energized and healthy as can be. Amazing.

What's more likable than her campaign charisma is her sound economic plan. No one wants taxes, and we all love resources, but who gets left out when the thread holding together the oil prices busts? Children, education, exactly the ones we call our future, or "our ticket to eternity" as Frank Murkowski aptly put it during a campaign speech to the AFN Convention when he was supposed to give a congressional report. Our ticket to eternity is hanging on very temporary oil prices, under Murkowski's plan.

Get out the vote, make it a good clean fight. A good barb here and there is fine, but please, let the campaigns reflect our love of Alaska, and not greed.

Ishmael C. Hope


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