Carry the legacy

Posted: Friday, November 01, 2002

Bill and Lucy Hudson have unselfishly represented Juneau for the past 17 years. My family, our community and our state has benefited because of their service. Bill and Lucy have made it clear that Bruce Weyhrauch will continue to carry that legacy.

Bruce and I have walked the streets of Juneau and met with many of you. It has been my pleasure to visit with and get to know Bruce and his family. Bruce has a clear vision of the importance of the family to our society. He understands that the most important work we can do for our community and as a society as a whole begins within the walls of our own homes. He has learned to balance his efforts. A few of the services he supports are Scouting, Parks and Recreation, and the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization.

Bruce Weyhrauch will assist us in meeting the economic challenges and will develop our resources. We have the power to choose who will best represent our families and us. Please join with my family and I in voting for Bruce Weyhrauch on Nov. 5 for state representative.

Leitoni "Lei" Tupou


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