Trustworthy legislator

Posted: Friday, November 01, 2002

What a terrible disappointment when I opened Wednesday's Empire. Who ever thought attack ads would come to Juneau like that? Let me be clear: This mudslinging is unwelcome in Juneau. Besides, a legislative record is more than the bills with one's name on them. A legislative record is made up of one's bills, votes, advocacy, and behavior as an elected leader.

Kim Elton has the best legislative record I know. His bills on drunk driving, alcohol taxes, hatchery loans, and hunting guides are now law, with other people's names on them.

Sen. Elton advocates for people who might get left out if he were only looking for personal credit. He stands up for the less fortunate and those who need medical care, counseling, or help getting back on their feet. He pays attention to the budget process and makes sure Juneau, Southeast, and rural Alaska don't get left behind by the powerful interests elsewhere.

Kim is unfailingly polite, and one of the most thoughtful legislators in the state. He votes his conscience and the best interests of Juneau and our state. No amount of soft money smear tactics can tar a legislative record like his.

I trust Kim more than any legislator in our state. I know he sticks by his principles even in the face of unpopularity, and doing so is an advocate for all of us. No one is left out! Please join me in reelecting Kim.

Maureen Longworth, M.D.


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