Fog lifts, flights return

Posted: Friday, November 01, 2002

JUNEAU The fog lifted enough Thursday for Juneau flights to resume, but not before a convention had to be canceled.

Alaska Airlines spokesman Jack Walsh said four flights made it into Juneau late Thursday afternoon and all flights were running today. He said an extra midday Seattle-Juneau-Seattle flight was added for midday today to help travelers backed up by this week's fog. As of 9 this morning, it still had seats available.

"It looks like we're back in business again," Walsh said this morning.

He said hundreds of travelers were affected by flight cancellations. Some stranded travelers took advantage of Allen Marine Tours catamaran runs between Juneau and Sitka while planes weren't flying.

Flight delays caused by the fog caused the Alaska State Home Builders Association to cancel its convention, scheduled to begin Thursday at Centennial Hall. Staff at the office of the Anchorage-based group said the convention had not yet been rescheduled.

The National Weather Service predicted light rain and wind today, which was expected to clear out any remaining patches of fog.

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