Comparisons nothing short of ludicrous

Posted: Thursday, November 01, 2007

This is in response to Joe Sonneman's My Turn on Oct. 22.

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I had forgotten why I didn't vote for Sonneman during his run for mayor here, but he just refreshed my memory.

Comparing Juneau's economy to Japan is, yes, you guessed it, "ludicrous." Blaming the federal government for overbuilding $300,000 houses and over-inflating taxes on existing house is, yes, you guessed it.

The mayor and Juneau Assembly members are not solely responsible for steering the ship, but they certainly have a hand on the helm. If we lose the capital by turning our backs on progress, then the ship will certainly go aground.

The only thing I could connect with California, Oregon and Washington is that is likely where most of the money is coming from, filling the big bag, which I mentioned in my last letter.

By the way, one of my favorite beers is Pale Ale; so my hat is off to the Alaska Brewing Co. for providing good paying jobs to our community.

Good luck to Sonneman in his political career in Retsil, Wash. Maybe they need a new mayor there.

Dick Dau


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