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Posted: Thursday, November 01, 2007

To my fellow state of Alaska General Government Unit employees, last spring you were sent a letter asking you if you were dissatisfied with your current union representation, and if so, did you know a capable individual that could help organize a new union?

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Those individuals nominated by your co-workers became the interim board members of the State Employees Association of Alaska. We began our drive to bring you better and less costly representation by asking you to fill out "Interest Cards." Alaska State Employees Association successfully sued in state court to stop the interest card drive, primarily because the acronyms were too similar and therefore too confusing for us to distinguish between the two organizations. Furthermore, the judgment made all the interest cards invalid.

Since then ASEA has begun to prosecute the board members of SEAA for attempting to bring you better representation. One has to wonder why ASEA is willing to spend your dues money to prosecute other dues paying members for the end result of removing us from the union? What are they motives and who will benefit from our expulsion? Is the professional staff more concerned with retaining their jobs then they are about ensuring you get a fair and decent contract?

Look at the facts, once our interest card drive began ASEA was forced to bargain aggressively for your wages and benefits, but as soon as the drive was stopped they move straight to the "advisory vote," even though no matter what the out come of the advisory vote and the current ratification vote, this contract will not be funded by the legislator until at least January!

Also, since the injunction, SEAA has reorganized under the name State Workers Association of Alaska. We are again asking you to fill out an interest card and mail it in, so that you may have a chance to vote on which organization you would like to represent you. Please, even if you believe that ASEA is the greatest thing since Jesus walked on water, by filling out the interest cards you will let the administration know you are serious about getting a decent contract.

Lets make sure they know that we know, the commodity that funds the government (oil) has increased in value by 300 percent since the year 2000, but our wages have only increased by 8.5 percent in that same time.

Michael Lavering


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