Juneau should better support bus system

Posted: Sunday, November 01, 2009

As a community, Juneau has an opportunity to come together and support local heroes, improve a community system and make Juneau a healthier place to live.

How great it would be to have fewer vehicles on our roads, less pressure on our environment and greater community connection, just by improving our city transportation system.

Just a few years ago, riding the city bus in Juneau felt comfortable and safe and it was often a way to meet and make friends. Capital Transit provides a great service but now the busses are often overcrowded, uncomfortable and many passengers even think it is OK to be rude to other passengers and bus drivers.

The bus drivers face traffic, bad weather, uncooperative (sometimes dangerous) people and drive old equipment. They must daily endure job stress, and yet they continue to move many people around our community, providing a vital service. They deserve our thanks and respect for what they do.

We the people of Juneau can speak up and support this very important community service. Call Mayor Bruce Botelho and Juneau Assembly members and request city dollars be spent on local bus service improvements, rather than on projects such as air transportation to Whitehorse, which will serve few in our community.

We can ask Capital Transit management to listen to driver suggestions and hear their needs. We can require that our children and others respect bus drivers and passengers. We can all ride the busses when we are able, get cars off Juneau streets and meet our bus-riding neighbors.

Joan Williams


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