Assembly making progress on trash

Posted: Sunday, November 01, 2009

I'm thrilled with the waste management progress being made by the Juneau Assembly as indicated in Thursday's Juneau Empire. Everyone I know has been concerned about the nasty garbage heap growing in Lemon Creek. The coming improvements are indeed welcome news.

Of course, the first concern some people voice is about the increased cost. Actually, improved waste management will cost little compared to the cost of advertising many products that quickly fill our garbage cans. It's sad that marketing people are paid handsomely to sell things that soon become our trash. Then our Assembly is faced with the cost of removing the stuff.

Shipping empty cans to Seattle is cheap, too. I recently weighed empty aluminum cans and found that it takes about 25 empty cans to equal the weight of one full can and the empties have some recycle value. Aluminum cans might be the most profitable recycle item but they make a good point that if we can ship full packages to Juneau, we can ship empty packaging to recycle.

Moving trash from our homes to Lemon Creek is not waste management. I think the Assembly is making good progress. I hope lots of people take some time to express their gratitude. While our elected officials are sure to get some complaints, I hope some sincere thank you's will help them feel good about working for us.

Mark Miller


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