Thanks for helping at 2009 Alaska Math Science Conference

Posted: Sunday, November 01, 2009

The 2009 Alaska Math Science Conference was held Oct. 14 to 17 in Juneau. It was outstanding. More than 300 people from outside the city attended. The Juneau School District staff added another 400, so there were 700 in attendance. There were more than 180 break-out sessions, plus field trips and excellent keynote speakers.

As co-chairs of the 2009 Alaska Math Science Conference, Linda Frame and Bev Smith have a lot of people and businesses to thank for making the conference such a success. We'll begin by thanking members of the Conference Committee who started planning over a year ago. They are Sharon Early, master of online registration; Sue Baxter, program planner and organizer of onsite volunteers; Pam Garcia, program planner; Janet Henderson, hospitality chair and lunchtime planner; Lynn Williams, chair of the 29 exhibitors that had booths at the conference; Field Trip organizers, Stephanie Hoag, Kristen Romanoff and Beth Weigel; Treasurer Ted Munsch from Anchorage; John Wahl, Barb Kreher and Barbara Kelly-Page, technology wonder-workers; Bobbi Jordan from Sitka, publicity chair; Christine Hess, chair of merchandise; Emma Walton from Anchorage, gracious communicator with keynote speakers and special guests; graphic designer, Matt Knutson; and administrative assistant, Alenita Danner.

A big thank you goes to the Juneau School District for scheduling district inservice days to coincide with the conference, and providing the conference venue, Juneau-Douglas High School. We thank the custodians, auditorium staff, tech support staff, career and technical office, track team for organizing the student guides, close-up for selling concessions and especially all the teachers who opened their classrooms for the many break-out sessions.

The community of Juneau welcomed our out-of-town guests warmly, and many individuals and businesses contributed to the success of the conference. They are: Reliable Transfer, GCI, Juneau Economic Development Council, Association for the Education of Young Children - Southeast Alaska, Creative Source, Coeur Alaska, Hecla Greens Creek, Mary Claire Harris, Baranof Hotel, and the Juneau Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Since this was a statewide conference we also had generous support from the following state organizations: Alaska Department of Education and Early Development including the Alaska State Museum, University of Alaska Southeast and University of Alaska Anchorage, Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development, ExxonMobil, British Petroleum, the Alaska Space Grant Program, and our sponsoring organizations the Alaska Science Teachers Association and the Alaska Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

National organizations also contributed to the conference and we want to thank Delta Education, Pearson Publishing, Texas Instruments, National Science Teachers Association, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, National Aeronautics and Space Administration and National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration.

Finally we couldn't have had a smooth running conference on site without the volunteer efforts of Carol Sewill, Jan Van Slyke, Mary Borthwick, Patsy DeWitt, Patty Winegar, Pat Holman, Patty Brown, Joan Sargent, Lyle Sparrowgrove and Liz Miner.

Bev Smith and Linda Frame

2009 Alaska Math Science Conference Co-chairs


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