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Posted: Thursday, November 02, 2000

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I regret the lack of parental supervision for the kids who threw the eggs at my front door.

I live in the Montana Creek subdivision and I was very impressed by the kids who came trick-or-treating. Every one of them remembered to say "thank you." This says a lot of good things about the kids and their parents.

Thanks to the Douglas Lions Club for their 47th annual Ghost Walk. They've been doing a great job.

Many thanks to the Douglas Lions for doing the Ghost Walk. Keep it up.

As an Alaskan and a production manager of a seafood manufacturing outfit in Juneau, I take it as a personal insult that Atlantic farm salmon is being sold at stores in Juneau.

It was not the Forest Service's or the Trail Mix's idea to build the parking lot and improve the Treadwell Ditch area for the public. It was the Juneau Snowmobile Club's idea and we also donated our time and equipment to see this project through.

Man made synthetic drugs. Man made booze. God made marijuana. Who do you trust?

Hundreds of people die every year in car crashes where alcohol is involved. Yet it still is legal. It is hypocritical for marijuana - a much milder substance - to be illegal.

Whether you agree with the use of marijuana or not, right now the law places it in the same category as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines and other dangerous substances. Something needs to change.

I recently observed a young man on the floor of the women's restroom at a mall. He was looking into a stall being used by a little girl. Even in Juneau, don't think about sending your children to the restroom unaccompanied.

I have legitimate concerns about helicopter and floatplane noise in the CBJ. I do not believe the Peace and Quiet Coalition should be marginalizing those concerns.

Why isn't Juneau Youth Services providing services for young kids? I thought this was what we were promised when city mental health closed.

I find entertaining the comments of the lady concerned about noise pollution in front of her house. She moved in next to a refuge where hunting has been taking place for 50-60 years and decides it should change on behalf of her, her children and her pets.

As an old-time Juneauite I've dealt with this city quite a bit and I find there is a lot of people who don't care. Capping our property taxes will send a message to them. Sure, some people will lose their jobs. Let's hope it's the ones who don't care. Maybe it will make those jobs competitive and people who want them will care.

The people who are speeding up and down Behrends Avenue should slow down because there are children and animals out there and it is getting really dangerous.

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