Vote early, for Cathy
I first met Cathy Muñoz over 10 years ago and found her to be a very sweet and caring individual. Cathy has demonstrated and proven that she is a very hard-working person for her community as a member of the Assembly, through her hard work in founding the Juneau Charter School and the many other contributions she has made to the community.

Compassion, wisdom, courage
I am voting for Kim Elton because he has the compassion to believe even poor women deserve a choice, the wisdom to know too much fiscal conservatism hurts education.

Ulmer for governor
Fran Ulmer is the big cheese from Wisconsin! Voting for Fran Ulmer as governor would be improving children's education, protecting the permanent fund, building our new prosperity, and defending our independence.

Trustworthy legislator
What a terrible disappointment when I opened Wednesday's Empire. Who ever thought attack ads would come to Juneau like that? Let me be clear: This mudslinging is unwelcome in Juneau. Besides, a legislative record is more than the bills with one's name on them. A legislative record is made up of one's bills, votes, advocacy, and behavior as an elected leader.

More than a protest vote
I have lived in Alaska 22 years. I vote for the candidate that will best serve Juneau's interests and needs. There have been lots of letters expounding on the virtues of Cathy Muñoz and Kim Elton. I have chosen to support Cathy because I know that she is the best candidate for Juneau.

Castles in the air
Frank Murkowski repeatedly tells us he has a plan for Alaska's future. The election is almost upon us, however, and Frank has yet to reveal any details.

For children and education
I am a passionate supporter for Fran Ulmer, Alaska's next governor. She brings a depth of knowledge, experience and commitment to the position of governor that is unprecedented and critical to the future of our state. Her lifelong commitment to public service is remarkable, but what impresses me most about Fran Ulmer is her genuine understanding and caring for the needs and demands of Alaska's families and children.

Carry the legacy
Bill and Lucy Hudson have unselfishly represented Juneau for the past 17 years. My family, our community and our state has benefited because of their service. Bill and Lucy have made it clear that Bruce Weyhrauch will continue to carry that legacy.

My thanks and my vote
Addressing Alaska's fiscal gap is the most critical issue facing us as voters and as citizens in the upcoming election. Kim Elton, like Fran Ulmer, understands that solving this crisis will require a multifaceted approach. It is at best naive to assert that some kind of tax will not be required as part of this solution. Kim and Fran, unlike their opponents, have leveled with us about what it will take to put our state's fiscal house in order.

A good, clean fight
It's a strange thing I've experienced this past month, learning more about state politics and campaigning. I've absolutely have not gotten disillusioned, my naiveté has not been exposed if I've had any, and I've not turned pessimistic toward public service. And Fran Ulmer has become more likable. As the heat of the governor's race turns on, she's as energized and healthy as can be. Amazing.

Voting for the local
I was born in and raised throughout Alaska, having lived in Juneau, Fairbanks, South Naknek, Dillingham, and Kenny Lake. My mother was a Bush teacher, overqualified and doomed to roam the vast wasteland of the educational system.

Judge Froelich shines for justice
I recently read an article in the Empire regarding some local lawyers who were critical of Judge Peter Froehlich. I am not a lawyer. However, for several years I worked as an alcohol-drug counselor dealing primarily with at-risk juveniles.

I like Mike
Why should you vote for Mike Race? I don't really know where to start. I could fill this paper from front to back with praise. He's funny, kind, sincere, and a refreshingly genuine person but is that a reason to vote for someone? It should be.

People, not party
At the start of the campaign season, as a legislative staffer, I made a personal decision to avoid letters to the editor. I even resisted commenting when one letter writer suggested that "Fran Ulmer is an accurate reflection of our community." However, when a Juneau resident chooses to personally attack out-of-town legislators to justify her vote in our local Senate race, I feel compelled to reply.

Juneau will do well
The Valdez Fisheries Development Association would like to strongly recommend to the voters of Juneau Mr. Bruce Weyhrauch for the House Seat recently held by Rep. Bill Hudson. We have been associated with Bruce Weyhrauch since 1988 where he has represented Valdez Fisheries on many different issues.

Service above and beyond
It is beyond my comprehension that it would be to our favor that our state senator sign on with a Railbelt majority bent on Juneau's destruction.

Responsible leadership
Whoever your choices are in this next election, we all need to vote on Nov. 5. The best way to pay tribute to those victims of Sept. 11 and show your patriotism is to exercise your right to vote. Anyone can put a flag on his or her deck or vehicle, a real American will vote - but who will be your choice for governor?

No on Ballot Measure 3
Do you want to pay $200 million for a risky project that has already been shown to be difficult to complete? Then vote no on Ballot Measure 3, a gas pipeline development authority.

Most capable candidate
Fran Ulmer has been lieutenant governor for many years, so she knows all the right moves. She also knows that the children are the future, and their education and learning environment are very important. She pledges to protect the PFD, saying that it should belong to us, the people.

Working for education
A vote for Kim Elton is a vote for us. Elton's No. 1 priority is education. He plans to promote a new high school, and he has helped secure funding for the JDHS renovation. To ensure that the legislative session will stay in Juneau, he plans to improve the Capitol and to lower costs for airplane fares.

Solutions for the future
I am voting for Kim Elton. He's done a good job for Juneau as a legislator and as a citizen serving in a wide array of jobs. He's been a superb advocate for Alaska's fish and fisheries when he served as the director of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute.

To help the community
What kind of candidate are you looking for? What about someone who wants to strengthen and rebuild relationships with all Southeast Alaska communities? Bruce Weyhrauch, a family man, is willing to put a lot of effort into making Juneau a better place. He's lived in Alaska for 24 years, and calls Juneau his home. He wants you to love it here, too.

Represent the whole
I'm tired of hearing how one person thinks he/she knows what's best for a community. I realize that this is what our system is currently based on, but it defeats the whole idea of community doesn't it? Politicians are elected based on how well their ideas about community issues align with the ideas of the majority of voters, that is, voters who actually vote.

To restore leadership
A vote for Cathy Muñoz is a vote for a positive change in Juneau's presence in the Senate.

Rainy day sunshine
Back in my day I had to walk to school a mile and a half through snow up to my knees, uphill both ways, work after school to help support the family, do my schoolwork by lamplight ... you know the drill. In those days politicians were all upright, honest, serious and above reproach.

Yes on Prop B
Do you like it when you're driving and you keep hitting potholes in the road, or when you're at the boat harbor, and you're walking on a flimsy dock? These hazards could even be fatal if they are not fixed. If you would like these problems to be fixed, then vote "yes" on Proposition B to fix roads and boat harbors throughout Alaska.

'Pax' the ammo
In response to Cliff Greene's letter, I would like to say that if the new guard is going to throw down his gun and naively believe that everyone else in the world is going to do the same, then I would rather reach into that powerful purse and brew a strong cup of coffee for the old guard.

Ballot Measure 1
Why should we change something that is great? We shouldn't but that is what Ballot Measure 1 proposes. Ballot Measure 1 asks whether we should have another convention to change Alaska's Constitution. Right now out constitution states that every 10 years we have to vote on whether or not to hold a constitutional convention.

Fisheries advocate
From 1996-2000 I had the privilege of working as staff to Rep. Bill Hudson. During this time, I had many opportunities to work with Bruce Weyhrauch on fisheries issues. Bruce is a tremendous advocate of commercial fisheries.

Voting pleasure
The other day I exercised my right to vote early by absentee ballot. It was a pleasure to blacken out the circle next to Fran Ulmer's name.

No legislative session move
Moving the Legislature from Juneau might seem like a good idea to some Alaskans at first glance, but people need to take a longer look. People in favor of Proposition 2 argue that we'd get better government if the Legislature was closer to most Alaskans.

Depth of knowledge
I have known Cathy Muñoz for many years and I am very impressed with her abilities. Her sense of integrity and honesty will be a fresh change for Juneau. Cathy is honest and fair. My experience with Cathy has been that she listens with all her attention and heart. That is very telling about a person and a leader.

Policy reversion
If all it takes is a few complaints to get a long-standing tradition of free and open dog walking on local trails negated, I would like to go on record as complaining about the new policy of enforcement.

Photo: Above the fog
Bill Forrest walks a ragged ridge above the foggy Mendenhall Valley during a hike Wednesday up Bullard Mountain. Forrest, Stephani Joy Griffin and Greg Bledsoe, all active in the Juneau Alpine Club, bushwhacked up the sun-drenched mountain after hiking the East Glacier Trail and wading Nugget Creek, spotting goats and ptarmigan along the way.

Fog lifts, flights return
While the fog has not cut Juneau off totally from the rest of the world, it's safe to say most of the mail that has made it in and out of Juneau in the last few days has been electronic."We haven't seen any planes in the last three or four days," said Andy Ritzman, manager of Aero Services, which handles the loading, unloading and distribution of U.S. Postal Service mail from planes at the Juneau Airport to post offices in town.


Around Town
Around Town is a listing of local nonprofit events.

Man gets six years for raping family member
Bruises on a 16-year-old girl's arms, damage to her most private places and memories of beer on a relative's breath as he allegedly raped her convinced Juneau Superior Court Judge Larry Weeks that a local man deserved six years in prison for his crimes. Brown, 47, a former janitor with the Juneau School District, pleaded guilty in July to second-degree sexual assault, a felony, stemming from an offense occurring sometime between 1997 and 2001. According to court records, he gave an adult female family member, whose name was not released, "knock-out drops," waited until she was unconscious, and then had sex with her while he videotaped it.

Police and Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

Bending beams of steel: Artist trades in paint for metal
Meet Lisa Rickey: She's 52, divorced, and has two sons. Her hobbies include traveling and painting. She also enjoys bending 80-pound, 8-foot-long bars of steel.A longtime Juneau-area artist, Rickey used to prefer painting abstracts with oils. Now, she works exclusively with metal. On her way to an undergraduate degree in liberal arts at the University of Alaska Southeast, Rickey is building a 12-foot high, 1,000-pound steel sculpture as a special project.

Rummage sale scheduled
A rummage sale will be held from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday at Christ Lutheran Church, 10500 Glacier Hwy.

Juneau youth earns Eagle Scout rank
Overcoming obstacles is something that Chad Guertin, 16, is getting used to. A junior in the Juneau-Douglas High School CHOICE program, Guertin was inducted as an Eagle Scout early last month. He earned 21 merit badges and coordinated the installation of a cement patio at an assisted living house in Juneau to earn the promotion.

Never Too Old
When Barbara Cooper first came to Juneau in 1958, the airport was slightly bigger than a shack. Juneau residents had their vacation homes in the Mendenhall Valley and South Franklin Street was a different place "forth, back, in and around," the 95-year-old former teacher said. After a nerve-wracking first flight to Juneau - the plane's engine caught fire halfway here and the plane had to make an emergency landing in Ketchikan - Cooper emerged from the airport and was, in her words, "appalled."

Is the ballot as valuable as a diploma?
If I decided the requirements for a college degree, I would like to make it mandatory for students who are eligible to vote, to exercise that right during their period of enrollment if they wanted to receive a diploma. I understand that people have the right not to vote; but if the desire to have an influence in choosing the people who will make important decisions that will directly affect your life hasn't been conveyed, then is a college diploma worth the paper it's printed on? Isn't the ballot equally as valuable as a diploma?

Thank you
...for the support; ...for the help.

It's humbling to contemplate all the blessings in our daily lives
A few weeks ago, there were some sea lions out in the cove in front of our house. Usually they head off around the point on their way someplace else, but this bunch stayed around and played for quite awhile. It is one of the amazing things about living in Juneau, all this abundant wilderness right at our doorsteps. Living with wild things can sometimes create problems, such as the number of porcupines hit by cars on our roads and the visits from bears. As a long-time resident, I must admit to a certain amount of amusement at the increasing number of "bear sighting" notices in the police blotter. I sometimes say to myself, "Well, we live in a national forest - what do we expect?"

Robert V. Blankenship
Juneau resident Robert V. Blankenship died Sunday, Oct. 27, 2002, in Juneau. A prayer service will be held at 1:30 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 2, at the Cathedral of the Nativity.

Ramona 'Dolly' McVay
Former Juneau resident Ramona "Dolly" (Nicklie) McVay died Oct. 28, 2002, in her Port Angeles, Wash., home.

Empire editorial: Vote no on Ballot Measure 1
Every 10 years Alaska voters are required by law to visit the question of holding a Constitutional Convention. The Legislature does have the power to call a convention any time it wants but has not found it necessary to do so over the past 30 years.

My Turn: Time for AFL-CIO boss to step aside?
Mano Frey, the head of the Alaska AFL-CIO, recently slammed Sen. Frank Murkowski in the Juneau Empire while touting Fran Ulmer as the best choice for governor. Many of us in organized labor support Sen. Murkowski's quest to become our next governor. The reason we support Sen. Murkowski is simple: It's in the best interest of union members and working families throughout Alaska.

Adult Volleyball League Standings
Here are the standings through Oct. 27 for the Juneau Department of Parks and Recreation men's and women's adult volleyball leagues.

In a story that ran on Oct. 25 about former Juneau resident Creighton Miller being inducted into the Chadron State College Athletics Hall of Fame, an incorrect photo was used with the story.

Sports in Juneau
Information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

Juneau Youth Basketball Standings
Standings from the Juneau Department of Parks and Recreation youth basketball leagues, through games of Oct. 29.

Grappling with change
In more ways than one, it's a new season for the Juneau-Douglas High School wrestling team. As usual, the Crimson Bears have spent the last few weeks rolling out the mats in the Marie Drake Middle School gym, working to get to competition weight and getting physically and mentally prepared for the road ahead.

2nd and 3rd largest freight companies in SE to merge
Boyer Barge Lines, the Ketchikan-based company that has provided freight services to southern Southeast Alaska for 35 years, announced this week its merger with Seattle-based Northland Services, the second-largest provider of freight service in Southeast Alaska. The merger will streamline the two companies' service to Southeast Alaska, making them a more formidable competitor to Alaska Marine Lines, the region's top freight transport provider, said Shawn Richardson, general manager for Boyer in southern Southeast.

Measure would fix SE harbors
Originally built in 1939, Harris Harbor in Juneau is showing signs of age. The electrical transformer boxes are rusting. Float 1 has twisted. And users occasionally spot grass growing on the wooden floats between the boats moored downtown. Bond proposition B, which is on the statewide ballot Tuesday, would dedicate $226.7 million in bond funding to highway and harbor projects statewide. About $32 million would go to harbor projects, including $7.1 million to help repair Juneau's harbors.

4 try for U.S. House seat
Tuesday's general election marks the 10-year anniversary of the last time U.S. Rep. Don Young faced a candidate who succeeded in posing a formidable threat to his seat in Congress. In 1990 and 1992 Young faced off against former Valdez Mayor John Devens. In both elections, Devens trailed Young at the polls by just 4 percentage points.

State Briefs
Fog lifts, flights return to Juneau; Game Board meeting delayed; Masek escapes injury in Parks Highway accident; Young eyes future bid as House speaker; Emergency order issued to protect Denali wolves; Court bars Exxon Valdez from Prince William Sound;

SE projects that would gain from Proposition B
Bond proposition B would allocate $226.7 million for highway and harbor projects statewide. The money would come from general obligation bonds and Grant Anticipation Revenue Vehicle bonds, or Garvee bonds. The Garvee bonds would be repaid with federal highway funds.

Gale Norton, Knowles stump for candidates
ANCHORAGE - U.S. Interior Secretary Gale Norton on Thursday touted the benefits of electing Republican Frank Murkowski governor, while Democrat Fran Ulmer enlisted her boss to deny that development has been lacking in the past eight years. Gov. Tony Knowles, the target of criticism by the Murkowski campaign, said Murkowski's claims have bordered on amazing, such as a contention that no roads have been built from scratch under Knowles' administration.

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