What's best for Juneau's community?

Posted: Friday, November 02, 2007

How can you tell us what's best for the community - how would you know?

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Seeing is believing. Last week I toured the much publicized and debated Kensington gold mine. Truly an experience. I witnessed, from the air, the footprint of an impressively small mill and support facilities - all neatly oriented so as to limit impacts. The operation is 100 percent built - except for the tailings facility. More than $200 million has been spent by Coeur Alaska, with such environmental awareness, care, and pride.

How can Southeast Alaska Conservation Council/Sierra Club/Lynn Canal Conservation tell us, the people of Southeast Alaska, what is best for us? How many direct jobs have you ever provide? How many of our children have you trained, sent to college, provide salaries for, and brought back to the community? Lower Slate Lake and the tailings facility that was fully permitted by Coeur are best for us! Coeur followed all the rules, and met all the agencies' requirements. Their plan would have transformed the tiny 20-acre tannin-grey sinkhole into a productive 58-acre Dolly Varden fishery. Instead, you continue to push for an invasive, highly visible, 115-acre and 180-foot-high pile of erosive sand. So this is what's best for us? Thank you SEACC for the extinction of great jobs in Southeast Alaska.

Fred Morino


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