One orc's sad Halloween tale

Posted: Friday, November 02, 2007

Every year I look forward to the great Halloween parties in town and I spend months of planning ahead on what to be and how to make the most perfect costume. I definitely spend more then the average person on my costume and love the reactions I get from everyone.

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This year I was an Orc from the game "World of Warcraft." On my face were latex appliances that you glue on so they move along with your face but you can't take it off easily to show your real face. To make it extra scary, I bought FX contacts, and everything was painted green. After spending lots of hours creating, $250 on parts and four hours of putting on the foam latex, face paint and costume I was ready to hit town. How big was the disappointment when I went to one of my favorite bars and was refused! I am 36 years old and the bouncer at the door didn't care less. Even though I was holding my identification in my hand and told him I almost went there every weekend to watch karaoke. He said I could be a 12 year old under all of this make up. I understand that he was just doing his job but still, he could have given me the benefit of the doubt since I was having my identification and my boyfriend was with me trying to convince the guy I was old enough.

I ended up hanging out at other places and still had fun but it sure put a big disappointment on Halloween this year.

Maybe next year the bars should offer a hand or wrist stamp or sticky wrist band that people can pick up during the afternoon before putting on their make up, masks, contacts, etc. Put it on the advertisement posters and announcements so people are aware of this! It would avoid a lot of disappointment.

Miranda Wilson


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