Amazed by Empire's pro-McCain editorial

Posted: Sunday, November 02, 2008

I was truly amazed that the paper endorsed John McCain and Sarah Palin. The claim that Palin has meaningful on-the-job experience is mind-boggling. Palin has been a disaster, an embarrassment to the state of Alaska. A net-negative, not a net-plus, unless you are the hard-core Republican base.

As David Brooks noted, she is a cancer on the Republican party. Even if you read nothing but the Empire, you must be aware of the moral and ethical issues with Palin, aside from her general lack of information about anything except Alaska and perhaps oil. That you can argue that Palin has more relevant or meaningful experience than Obama is ridiculous.

McCain, aside from a few issues, is really a continuation of Bush. He is erratic and quick-tempered, old and in poor health. You really want someone who knows as little as Palin does that close to the Oval Office!

Though you indicate more has been made of Obama's association than necessary with 1960s radical William Ayers et al, it didn't stop you from dredging it up.

It's just a sad editorial. Maybe you should have read the Anchorage Daily News or the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Alan Schorr


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