Sickened by Sarah-bashing

Posted: Sunday, November 02, 2008

I was both surprised and sickened by the demonstration on the Capitol steps and the general Sarah Palin bashing by the left wing liberals here in Juneau.

Palin is not an Outside transplant but was raised here in Alaska and is now raising her family here as well; so I have to believe she has a stake in what happens here.

If she is not successful on the vice presidential ticket, she will return and finish her term as governor of our great state.

She is quite popular in the rest of the state, so she could likely be elected for another term. Juneau and Sitka seem to be the only two cities that love bashing her in the media as well as demonstrating in person.

I believe this will end up a dangerous situation as it proves we are out of step with the rest of the state. Sitka has very little to lose, but Juneau has a great deal - the capital.

When another bill is introduced to move the capital, I would like Palin and the rest of our fellow Alaskans to the North on our side. This likely will not happen if we continue to remain out of step with the rest of the state.

Dick L. Dau


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