Unit 4 deer season update

Posted: Sunday, November 02, 2008

JUNEAU - Except for the doe closure enacted Oct. 1 on northeast Chichagof Island, the remainder of the unit is open to any deer.

The season continues to be closely monitored as hunter reports come in and additional surveys are conducted. This information, along with weather conditions, will be used to assess the situation during the hunt to determine if adjustments are needed.

A heavy snowfall (greater than 21 inches in depth) persisting at low elevations during the main period of the rut in November is our primary biological concern. This scenario will concentrate deer at lower elevations during the breeding season when they are most vulnerable to hunting. A doe closure in this situation may be necessary to protect the reproductive capability of the population, allowing the population to rebuild.

Hunters must have deer harvest tickets, in addition to a valid hunting license, in their possession during hunting. Harvest tickets must be validated in sequential order and unused tickets must be carried while you hunt.

Hunters should be aware that there are specific requirements for proxy hunting, such as antler destruction. If you are proxy hunting, please be familiar with those requirements.

In all hunts limited to one sex (such as northeast Chichagof currently is), evidence of sex must remain naturally attached to the meat, or antlers must remain naturally attached to the entire carcass, with or without viscera.

If you have questions, please contact the Sitka Area office for additional information at 907-747-5449.

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