Time for Young to go

Posted: Tuesday, November 02, 2010

It's time to dump Rep. Don Young. With his arrogant manner, numerous ethics challenges, and frequent absences when the House votes; Don Young needs to retire. Nineteen terms in Congress is too long for anyone to serve. Thirty-eight years of dealing with lobbyists, special interests, and the entitled atmosphere of Congress would contaminate anyone's moral compass.

I don't need to remind people that Don Young was one of the biggest abusers in the House check writing scandal during the 1990's or of the obscene term that he used when addressing a group of high school students. It's time he went back to Fort Yukon to collect his lucrative Congressional pension.

Since Don is on the ballot, what do we do? My wife suggested doing what she has done every time Don has been on the ballot since the mid-nineties: writing in "Mickey Mouse" or "Tinkerbell." The problem is, neither is a viable candidate and not enough people want to waste their votes on cartoon characters.

However, there is an alternative that can solve another nasty problem: write in "Lisa MurkowskI" for U.S. Representative. We can send her back to the minor leagues for two years to see if her views really are aligned with the majority of Alaskans and what purports to be a very, very different Congress. We won't be stuck with another senatorial mistake for six more years.

Oh, and don't forget to fill in the oval.

Rick Currier

Auke Bay

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