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Posted: Wednesday, November 03, 2004

This letter is about our economy and the hoodwinking that we as Americans are being subjected to.

I watched the presidential debates and the vice presidential debates. I am amazed at just how well these men dance around the questions posed without actually answering them. The most common phrase I heard was, "I have a plan ..." And yet, aside from one or two exceptions, I never heard any of these men actually go into any kind of detail about what their "plan" was. This makes it difficult to decide which team actually has a plan.

I also saw the new reports about the big party that the Department of Homeland Defense (DHD) threw to "honor" its employees. This party cost you and I more than $500,000 of our tax money. So in other words first tax cuts are handed out, then the money that is left and needs to be stretched is frivolously spent on banquet halls and cheese trays so that the DHD can pass out these plaques. One of these "honors" was a "Lifetime Achievement Award" that was given to an employee who has been with the DHD for only two years. What a crock. To me it sounds like an excuse to get together and throw one hell of a party that none of these folks would have thrown or been able to afford without a blank check from the taxpayers.

Here's one more thought for you. When we invaded Iraq, we, as a nation, caught a lot of grief over the fact that our president told the world that we were going to hold onto the purse strings of Iraqi oil monies to fund the liberation and rebuilding of Iraq. In reality though, it is the American taxpayer who once again has been footing the bill. Why are we not dipping into those bank accounts full of Iraqi oil money to reimburse the American taxpayer? It seems the money could be better spent here in this country to help get health care going for folks who can't afford it, to fund housing (Habitat for Humanity), etc.

Richard J. "Tiny" Van Trump II


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