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Posted: Friday, November 03, 2006

I have one simple question for your readers. Had enough?

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For 14 years, Republicans have had large majorities in the Alaska Legislature. Many of you voted them into power. Are you happy with their performance? The media has reported ethics scandals galore - VECO, Gregg Renkes, Randy Ruedrich, Scott Ogan and Ben Stevens, to name a few.

Taxes are up, the roads are shot, classrooms are crowded, and still no gas line or fair share for our resources. And to top it off, Republicans blew the budget surplus. Shame on them.

You have the power on Nov. 7 to end the Republican reign of corruption, cronyism and incompetence. We should not wait for the FBI.

So what would Democratic representatives do differently? They will pass tough ethics reform, energy and property tax relief, quality schools, affordable health coverage for all, a public safety package and a gas line on Alaska's terms. We will work hard, solve problems and get it done.

Even if you personally like your current Republican legislator, I respectfully ask you to vote for the Democratic candidate this time, and hold that person accountable at the next election. It's time to make a positive change.

Bill Parker


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