Palin needs to think more about ethics

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, November 03, 2006

After the exciting primary results, I looked forward to hearing what each candidate would have to say. What I've discovered is, while Palin is quick, articulate as all get out and a silver-tongued beauty, she needs time to mature, gain substance in her thinking and delve deeper into the ethics philosophy that attracted many of us initially.

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Palin's lack of experience has become more obvious as the campaign progresses.

The most telling example is her acceptance of the Republican Governors Association's help in her campaign. While trumpeting her success as a grassroots campaigner on one hand, she has huge contributions from this organization under the guise of legal soft money. The television ads were an outrageously blatant support of a particular candidate. The slick brochure here on my desk is more of the same. Just because it doesn't have the words "vote for Palin" on it does not change a thing. It is what it is, and it cost a lot of money, paid by someone, to benefit Palin.

Palin sees nothing wrong with this. She says she can't control what the RGA does. I see a lot wrong with it, ethically. It also makes me wonder, if she is unable to influence her own party in her own campaign efforts, what influence is she going to wield with the Big Oil folks?

Marie Rozak


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