Wanamaker deserves praise for his work

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, November 03, 2006

I have to take issue with the Oct. 30 letter by Patricia O'Brien, in which she accused Randy Wanamaker of not soliciting her testimony during the Lands Committee's consideration of a proposed rezoning in her neighborhood.

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Ms. O'Brien was not ignored. Mr. Wanamaker invited her and her neighbors to submit their written comments or to testify at the next Assembly meeting, where the matter was to be decided.

It is not surprising that someone did not want part of the solution to Juneau's high cost of housing to be in her backyard. Nevertheless, I am disappointed that Ms. O'Brien so harshly and inaccurately questioned a public process that resulted in a decision she favored and an Assemblyman who was doing his job.

I've known Randy for most of my life. He is a person who lives up to his promises. When running for re-election to the Assembly in 2004, he promised to seek ways of providing affordable housing in Juneau. He deserves praise, not public criticism, for trying to solve a community problem.

Carlton Smith


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