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Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, November 03, 2006

Reading the Division of Elections Web site produces some interesting numbers about voter registration in Alaska.

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Democrats and Republicans represent only 14 and 26 percent of registered voters. By comparison, nonpartisan and undeclared voters make up more than 53 percent, with the remainder belonging to smaller parties. This suggests that Alaskans value our independence and nonpartisanship. I venture to say that most would agree that our democracy would be healthier if we had more legitimate choices on Election Day.

Yet even when given other options, many also feel compelled to vote for the "lesser of two evils," defensively choosing a candidate who they may not like to prevent an even less palatable candidate from winning. This is very unfortunate, for if we continue to do so, we only perpetuate the money-fueled conflict-based two party system and all of its shortcomings that limit our choices. Well, right now we do have a very legitimate alternative choice for governor: Andrew Halcro.

As a legislative staffer, I knew Halcro when he served two terms as a representative. He impressed me with his intelligence, bipartisanship, his ability to listen and his willingness to lead. He tackled some tough issues with an eye for a moderate reasonable approach to finding solutions. Halcro understands that details matter and that strict ideologies on either side rarely lead to the right path. He understands the Alaska economy, and he has pragmatic and realistic views on how to improve our government.

I encourage all of my fellow Alaskans to visit his Web site and read about Halcro's background and his ideas. You'll find that he has the wisdom, experience and vision to be an excellent governor. He has strong Alaska core values and goals, and his fiscal and social policies reflect that he has the guts to lead this state towards recognizing and achieving them.

If you consider yourself an independent, please vote for the truly independent option. If you are an R or a D but you know inside that Halcro is really the best candidate, don't settle for less. Break the mold and vote for him. Some have said he's the candidate of the future. That's true, and the future is now.

Ian Fisk


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