Choose wisely, don't vote for Sarah Palin

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, November 03, 2006

Alaska is fortunate to have two highly qualified candidates out of the three that are running for governor. Tony Knowles and Andrew Halcro have the experience, knowledge, intelligence and the vision to lead Alaska into the future.

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Additionally, both have a record for openness in government, positive ethical conduct and have met the challenges of operating a business. Both are very tuned into state government and its challenges. This is especially important as whoever is elected will have to clean up and correct the wide spread damage that Republican Gov. Frank Murkowski has left behind. This is especially true in regards to Alaska's nationwide image. This requires a governor with a working knowledge of state government as opposed to one who will require on the job training.

Furthermore, a governor must represent all of Alaska and not show bias to any geographical location. Recently, Sarah Palin did just that while speaking at a campaign event for the Wasilla Chamber of Commerce.

Bias in favor of the Mat-Su Valley at the expense of the rest of Alaska and a vagueness on important issues that Alaska is facing, as well as inexperience and a recycled Murkowski vision of growing our way to prosperity (without offering any details) is unacceptable.

Quite simply it's a choice between two candidates of substance versus one of shallowness. Alaska, I hope you choose wisely for the benefit of us all.

Bill Watkins


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