Moderate Republicans unite, vote for Palin

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, November 03, 2006

Sarah Palin gets my unqualified support and vote for governor. As a former Washington state legislator who just moved to Alaska, I was a board member of and active with the Mainstream Republicans of Washington for many years. The Mainstream (moderate) Republicans of Washington have a proud history of supporting Republican candidates for governor and the Legislature who can bring the best in leadership skills to that office. While we have not always agreed on all the issues with each candidate, we always agreed to support the person with the best leadership skills for that office.

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While I have not personally met Sarah or her opponents, like Sarah, I also met and married an Alaska Native. I have spent enough time in Alaska over the years to learn about many of the issues and concerns of the people of Alaska. Sarah has the proven ability, experience, knowledge and support to be the best candidate for Alaska governor. If Sarah was running for governor in the Washington, I can assure you that she would have received the support of the Mainstream Republicans, just like my friend, Dino Rossi did in 2004. I urge my fellow moderate Republicans in Alaska to unite and vote for the one candidate with the best leadership skills for governor of Alaska - Sarah Palin.

John C. Wynne


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