Local campaigns have sizeable war chests

All candidates except Doll enter final days with money left to spare

Posted: Friday, November 03, 2006

With election day approaching, final campaign reports show Juneau legislative candidates furiously raising - and spending - money.

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In both competitive local races, Democratic candidates were the money leaders, according to finance reports filed with the Alaska Public Offices Commission for the last reporting period before the Nov. 7 election.

Democrat Andrea Doll, battling with Republican Randy Wanamaker for the House District 4 seat vacated by Rep. Bruce Weyhrauch, was the overall leader, having raised and spent more than $45,000.

"I think I've done well," she said. "I'm very happy with the amount of small donations, with more than 300 small donators, everyday people giving from the change in their pockets to a couple of hundred dollars."

Wanamaker, well known from previous successful campaigns for the Juneau Assembly, likely had less work to do on name recognition. He spent only $24,000.

"People are sending contributions to me without my asking," Wanamaker said. "I'm not asking."

In the other local House election, incumbent Beth Kerttula is unopposed. She spent about $12,000 on her campaign anyway.

The numbers were bigger in the race for Senate District B. Incumbent Democrat Sen. Kim Elton was far ahead of Republican opponent Mac Meiners, having raised $86,000 to his challenger's $44,000.

Meiners said earlier he expected to be outspent by Elton, but that he believed he'd have enough money to get the basics of his message out.

The latest numbers showed activity through Oct. 28. There were no additional cumulative reporting periods before the general election. However, candidates are required to file reports within 24 hours if they receive significant new contributions.

All the candidates but Doll entered the final stretch with money to spend. Doll had several thousand dollars in the bank but incurred campaign debt as well. She showed a small negative balance and was the only local candidate in the red.

She said she expected to end the campaign even, however, draining her accounts to win the seat.

"I'll spend every dime to do that, I feel I owe it to the people," she said.

All other candidates had at least several thousand dollars left to finance the final days of their campaigns.

Campaign finance numbers

H/S Starting Total

Party district Balance Contributions Expenses Surplus

Randy Wanamaker R H4 $11,349 $34,726 $24,093 $15,153

Andrea Doll D H4 $2,138 $49,339 $45,206 -$851

Beth Kerttula D H3 $20,233 $3,405 $11,933 $14,758

Kim Elton D SB $36,178 $85,642 $60,678 $26,114

Mac Meiners R SB $1,523 $43,726 $28,936 $14,790

SOURCE: Alaska Public Offices Commission. Reports through Oct. 28.

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