Frogs and toads

Posted: Sunday, November 04, 2001

Let me speak of a subject other than politics and bears. It is good news, too. While on a recent trip to Alabama, along the highway from Montgomery south to my wife's farmstead in Crenshaw County, a distance of about 25 miles, I saw an amazing sight that I had never witnessed before in the 40-some years that I have been traveling south. It was a rainy night, a hard driving rain with lightning flashes in the distance. In the headlights of the truck, in the brief half-hour of travel, there were many jumping frogs crossing the road. I saw at least 20. Would this not have meant there might have been a million or more in the swampy timberland along the road? I read a few years ago that the world population of amphibians including frogs and toads was declining precipitously. From my observation this might be changing and the environment much the better for it.

Elton Engstrom


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