Get facts on teachers' qualifications first

Posted: Tuesday, November 04, 2003

I can't help but respond to Mary Grayson's recent letter. Maybe we should all slow down and really find out what the story meant respecting "qualified" or "highly qualified" teachers.

The Empire did us all a disservice by not checking out the whole story prior to printing the "national" story.

Point is - the "homework" has not all been done. All states have not determined what it means to be "qualified" and to measure up to the feds standards. Seems that some states are ahead of the game because they had already made the definitions which fit within the feds guidelines.

Many states have not. So, lets all slow down - do more reading and homework before we "go off" about who is or isn't qualified in Juneau or the state of Alaska.

It certainly was a bit unfortunate that the national study was published with incomplete data. And yes, the headline and story was again misleading.

We trust that no child and no teacher will be "left behind" in the coming months and years.

J. Allan MacKinnon


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