Forest rider denies Alaskans a voice

Posted: Tuesday, November 04, 2003

I am very disappointed with the changes that Sen. Ted Stevens is making to our laws regarding the management of the Tongass National Forest. The Tongass belongs to every single American, yet Senator Stevens seems to think that citizens shouldn't have a say in how it is used. His anti-judicial review rider will effectively cut Alaskans out of government decisions on the Tongass logging by giving us a mere 30 days to file legal challenges to bad timber sales.

This rider hurts ordinary citizens who live in Southeast Alaska more than anyone else. Its passage could mean that logging projects that are harmful to local economies, water supply and subsistence lifestyles of communities throughout the region - and that would normally be challenged in court - will go through.

Senator Stevens is suppose to be in D.C. for us, but this time he's making sure Alaskans can't defend our interests against the actions of the federal government.

Cliff Lobaugh


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