Repeated tries; no absentee ballot

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, November 04, 2004

I am currently a student attending the University of Hawaii, but was born and raised in Alaska. I applied for an absentee ballot well over a month ago. However, I never received a ballot. I printed off another ballot from the Alaska state Web site, and sent it back home Express Mail well over a week ago. I still never received a ballot.

On the day of the election, I called frantically to see if I could fax a ballot back home, but I was told I was too late. I have waited for four years to do my part as an American citizen and vote, but I couldn't. Why is it so hard to vote in Alaska? Now that I know how close some of the races were, I feel I have not only let down myself, but also my fellow Alaskans. Without a vote, I feel I have no voice.

Frank Katasse


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