Governor's plan no deal

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, November 04, 2005

Gov. Murkowski, much like the Wizard of Oz, seems to be furiously pulling levers and turning dials in an effort to make us believe that we are seeing real progress on a gas line project. Unfortunately, the curtain has now been pulled back to reveal the truth: There is still no signed agreement, and the law will have to be changed in order to make what he is trying to do, legal.

Clearly Alaskans are troubled when negotiations that affect their economic future are being conducted in secret. Understandably, Alaskans are even more disturbed at the thought that concessions are being made where they are not necessary. Now the governor has admitted he will have to have the law changed in order to make his deal "legal." How on earth can Alaskans trust that the best deal for Alaska was negotiated?

The (legal under current law) All-Alaska gas line proposal by the Alaska Gasline Port Authority is open for public viewing on their Web site.

Hopefully, once Murkowski's "deal" is presented, we will be smart enough to click our heels three times and realize there's no place like home. We will then see that the governor's "Oz is not reality" and our best chance for a real gas line is an all-Alaska gas line.

Rachel Meneses


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