Bill would lock out potential developers

Posted: Sunday, November 04, 2007

This is in response to Sally Gumlickpuk's Web posting of Oct. 21, in which she stated, "I wondered how in the world can she (Lorianne Rawson) claim to be a Bristol Bay fisherman?"

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I don't claim to be a Bristol Bay fisherman; I am one. Anyone in support of House Bill 134 living in the Bristol Bay region doesn't understand the ramifications if this bill is passed.

If this bill passes, it locks all other potential lodge developers out. This means current lodge owners will have no new competition. Anyone owning property such as Native allotments (exempt unless taken out trust status) will not be able to erect an outhouse; be prepared to bag your human waste to carry out.

No new fish processing companies would be established. As it is the current ones cannot process current catches and continue to put us on limits year after year and at some times close us down completely.

Native corporations would not be able to develop natural resources; wouldn't this be in violation of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act? Anyone with half a brain would figure this out if they read House Bill 134 and Senate Bill 65.

Lorianne Rawson,

Bristol Baycommercial fisherman

South Naknek

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