Tech toys can't teach civility

Posted: Thursday, November 04, 2010

So much talk about the loss of civility and the blame game seems to point to many sources. I am a senior who remembers the time of no TV, Internet, cell phones or the many forms of communication that we see today - and I do enjoy their use. But, they all receive a failing grade when it comes to civility and certainly when it comes to both manners and good taste.

My point was proven to me this past Halloween in a small way. My Juneau neighborhood receives a large number of children trick or treating, usually starting at 4:30 p.m. and most residents turn out their lights about 8 p.m. I try to have at least 150 candy bars, etc. and let the kids pick the one of their choice. About 50 percent of the children knocking on my door were polite and chose one piece and said "Thank You." But, almost half, did not, and it was grab what you could and race away to the next place.

I think that civility, manners and good taste begin in the home when children are young. It's not a "one shot deal" but an ongoing lesson for our young people who will have to deal eventually with a lot more important things than trick-or-treating on Halloween.

Barbara Griffin


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