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Posted: Wednesday, November 02, 2005

... for helping Morally Improv-erished thrive

Over the past two years, Morally Improv-erished, Juneau's improvisational theater group, has attracted hundreds of guests to its performances. This would not have been possible without the support of several key individuals and businesses.

Reecia Wilson and Rob Sanford at Hangar on the Wharf provided rehearsal space, and a performance area while the group was building its initial base of support. More recently, Jeffrey Herrmann and Sarah Denhardt of Perseverance Theatre made possible the use of the Phoenix Stage for the recent staging of Unscripted Theater. Thanks also go to Kathy Buell at the Nugget Mall for providing a space for our rehearsals and workshops.

The local media have also been very generous with their time and resources. We especially appreciate Korry Keeker at the Juneau Empire for dedicating space in This Week to our endeavors, Susan Fitzgerald at KTOO-FM for our many talks on A Juneau Afternoon, and Jason Caputo at for posting our announcements and my blow-by-blow coverage of the Chicago Improv Festival.

Thanks are also due to Alysia McLain for her past help on lights and sound, Jon Smith's assistance on poster design, and the many people who have helped collect money and tickets at the door. Former cast members Glenn Merrill and Anna Gagne-Hawes gave innumerable hours and their talents are both appreciated and missed.

Finally, no list of thank yous would be complete without thanking everyone who has come to our performances. While we will be taking a break from performing during this holiday season, we look forward to seeing you all again in 2006.

Eric Caldwell

Morally Improv-erished

... to the many who volunteer to keep Juneau's creeks clean

Duck, Jordan and Montana Creeks provide fish and wildlife habitat, open space and recreation opportunities for Juneau residents, but are often impacted by debris and litter. The Mendenhall Watershed Partnership has been working to reduce the amount of litter deposited in streams through public outreach, assisting with educating residents about "bear-smart" garbage handling and storage and partnering with the city and Litter Free to host the Spring Cleanup event.

This year's litter efforts also included a Fall Creek Cleanup. Thanks to the Mendenhall Watershed Partnership for coordinating the event, which was held Oct. 22. The Duck Creek Market assisted with distribution of trash bags, which were provided by Litter Free and picked up at roadside by the City's Streets Division crew. Southeast Alaska Guidance Association and the Glacier Valley Rotary Club cleaned up significant portions of Duck and Montana Creeks, as did partnership board members and volunteers. Assistance also came from groups that agreed to adopt portions of Valley streams, including Galcier View Condominium Association, Trout Unlimited, Sam Capp & Friends, Grey Pendelton & Friends, Juneau Youth Services and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Thanks to all who helped make Valley streams a little cleaner this fall.

Samia Savell

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, Juneau

... for giving a helping hand to the Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts of America would like to thank Jodi Kilcup and Kristin Mahle of the United Way of Southeast Alaska for hosting their Day of Caring. On Oct. 6, a team of volunteers donated their time and talents to assist the Boy Scouts in cleaning their office, grounds and storage areas. We offer a special thank-you to these volunteers: William, Trevor, Jim and John of the city of Juneau Building Maintenance; Patrick of the library; Maggie of Parks and Recreation; Kelly, Anna and Rachel of city of Juneau Personnel; and Paul of city of Juneau Engineering; and those who may not have signed in.

In addition, we would like to thank WM Capitol Disposal for donating their services. Kirk Duncan of Eaglecrest and Brent Fischer of Parks and Recreation served as project coordinators.

Jerome C. Wells

Boy Scouts of America

... for support of Even Start Family Learning

The families and staff of the Even Start Family Learning Center would like to thank the following businesses for their generous donations to our family night at Gruening Park: Nugget Outfitter, Costco, Western Auto Marine, Mommy and Me and Payless Shoes.

Clare Pavia

... for helping Dad

We want to thank Diane and the two gentlemen that helped our dear dad, Charles Jennings, during his recent collapse. May God bless you for your care and helping hands.


Kathi Wiles for the Charles Jennings' family

... for helping musicians

Juneau String Ensembles would like to thank a number of groups and individuals for their help and encouragement in the past year. Juneau String Ensembles is a newly formed nonprofit entity serving Juneau's youth. The group is composed of three string ensembles under the musical direction of Guohua Xia: Ursa Major, Aurora Strings, and Ursa Minor - with nearly 40 students ranging from six to 18 years of age.

Our heartfelt thanks to: Nancy DeCherney, Linda Rosenthal and Pam Johansen of Juneau Jazz and Classics; Rick Trostel of Thrushill Music; Kyle Wiley Pickett and the Juneau Symphony; Tish Griffin Satre and the University of Alaska; Lisa Miles of Heartstring Studio; Juneau Arts and Humanities Council; Juneau Community Charter School; Northern Lights Church; Fred Felkl; Ron Maas; Laurie Heagy; Sue Kazama; Helen Imamura; Julia Batuscheck; Steve Tada; Lisa Ibias; and numerous other fans, families and supporters.

Jenifer Shapland

Juneau String Ensembles

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