SEACC no defender of subsistence

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, November 03, 2005

I have been a resident of Juneau and a member of the Alaska Native Brotherhood for over 50 years. I spent most of my adult life working construction throughout Alaska.

I support construction of the Kensington, and the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council should end its lawsuit against it.

SEACC and the other groups say they are acting in the public interest. They also say they are concerned about protecting subsistence.

In my 50-plus years of ANB membership, I have never seen SEACC at a single ANB meeting to protect subsistence, nor have they ever donated to our subsistence-protection campaigns.

What I have seen is that, whenever SEACC says they are worried about subsistence, they are trying to stop a project. That is what they are doing now to the Kensington.

Another point worth remembering is that SEACC negotiated with Coeur for the earlier version of the Kensington, but after the mine was permitted, SEACC refused to sign the negotiated agreement it had reached with Coeur. How is that acting in the public interest? How is that acting in good faith?

These seem to be the actions of the people who will not support any project no matter how responsible it is and no matter the cost to their neighbors.

SEACC should end its lawsuit against the Kensington. That would be an important economic benefit for our grandchildren's future. That would be acting in the real public interest.

Oscar Olsen Sr.


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